3S House: Introduction to Shine

Shining is about cleaning in such a way that problem discover and prevention is easy. Another term for “shine” is “sweep.” It’s important to develop standards for what is expected for cleanliness. Shine standards should consider what, who, when, and how cleaning is to be performed. It’s also smart to eliminate the sources of mess so that mess isn’t made in the first place.

LeanBNB: Poka Yoke and ABC Solutions

The goal for quality is to eliminate the risk of failure entirely. This is what we call a “poka yoke” or error-proofing device or design. But sometimes we are not yet able to introduce a poka yoke and other corrective actions are taken to reduce risk. We categorize these into ABC solutions.

Creating Respect for People by Scrubbing the Floor

Discover how “respect for people” was developed at the Lean Donut Shop by the owners themselves as they scrubbed the floor. This humble leadership is essential for creating world-class teamwork and performance. In fact, respect is a prerequisite for acquiring the permission to grow people. While we did not have the opportunity to “start lean in the bathroom,” as some say and do, something similar was accomplished by scrubbing the floors.