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Discover Lean (Preview)

If you have had less exposure to lean already, you might gain a lot from taking some time to explore examples in the videos contained in this module.

The videos are selected from our “Discovering Lean” course. It is designed to give you a grand and entertaining tour of lean thinking organizations. You will see not only some of what they do, but also discover some about how they think.

You will also see how important people are when it comes to succeeding with lean.

So check out some of the videos! Once you have your bearings and a little context for “lean,” continue on with the Kaizen Masterclass.

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Welcome to this Kaizen Masterclass!

We have intentionally chosen and organized the videos in this masterclass to make you a kaizen master!

There are multiple videos associated with each module, and the conclusion of each module contains a quiz.

It’s recommended that you complete the training in the sequence presented. The concepts taught in this masterclass grow in complexity as you progress through the course.