Visual Management

Creating a Visual Workplace at the Lean Donut Shop | Episode 6

Discover how creating a “visual workplace” was essential for creating teamwork and accountability at the Lean Donut Shop. We used a kanban wall for all kitchen prep activities so that anyone in the business could determine at-a-glance exactly what work had to be performed. Before this the work was “invisible” in the head of primarily one employee. By standardizing the work and making it visual, we were then able to function more like a team and share the responsibilities of the kitchen.

Take Standardization (and Kaizen) Next Level with Simple and Visual Design

Learn the TWO characteristics that can take your kaizen culture next-level, and make work easy for everyone. Working at a lean organization should be so easy it’s like going back to Kindergarten–so easy a child can do it! This happens when simplicity and visual design is incorporated into every detail of your work.