The LEAN Donut Shop! Lean Documentary | Episode 1

We introduce the Lean Donut Shop and take you to the donut kitchen where we expose employees to the concepts of VALUE and WASTE for the very first time! You will discover the 8 wastes of lean, define “value,” and realize why respect for people is foundational for building a lean organization. Learn with us at the gemba with real examples, spontaneity, and humor!

How to Optimize Labor and Machines in Work Cells

Learn how to get the most out of your manpower and machines by following this before/after work cell creation at the Lean Donut Shop. The key is to learn how to “separate the man from the machine” so that he or she is free to perform “multiprocess handling” across two or more operations. The result is a process that is more enjoyable, that keeps inventory flowing, and that better utilizes labor.